Filmfare awards 2013

Aquascript installation at Filmfare awards 2013, welcoming the celebreties as they enter the venue.



Permanent installation ILFS

India’s first permanent installation of Aquascript was done earlier this year when ILFS booked a 5 metres unit for the lobby of their flagship infrastructure project in Gujarat, Gift City Complex. The honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat inaugurated the first building where Aquascript was unveiled in all its glory.


One of the most cutting-edge branding products to come out of Germany, Aquascript is a technological marvel which offers you the opportunity to play out your message on RUNNING WATER in a vertical free-flowing waterfall IN REAL TIME.

Watch spell-bound as your logos, brand-lines and images form on flowing water with the help of AQUASCRIPT, the leading water-control technology brand in the world.

Network Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is Aquascript's Exclusive Partner and Distributor for the Indian subcontinent.

With its official launch at the Idea Filmfare awards earlier this year, Aquascript has taken the Indian event industry, and indeed the Indian advertising fraternity, by storm.